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Testimonials for Trudy Stewart

It is truly amazing what someone can do when they have the talent of design. I personally cannot envision the way Trudy did for our family area. In a matter of hours she had coordinated the space and colors with all our original items. It was like walking into a different house!

Mary S

When selling our home, we did not know where to start. I called Trudy and had her do an evaluation on our space. She immediately recognized the areas that needed highlighted and turned our home into a magazine cover. It made me ask why we were selling in the first place...

Lori M

The first think I realized when working with Trudy was her compassion and eye for detail. I felt that she listened to us and our needs above her own eagerness to take charge. Never once did I feel out of my comfort zone when she presented her ideas. The whole transaction was seamless and well worth it.

John H

I never thought about Home Staging before I met Trudy at a Women's Luncheon. Her passion shines through when she talks. She did not even ask me before I volunteered her to come to my house for a consultation. I liked her methods. She was thorough and over delivered. We were not even looking to move, but the improvements she made has completely changed the atmosphere of our home for the best!

Tammy W