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Kirsten Janzen

interior decorator

Kirsten Janzen

Southwest Manioba, MB

Life Design. Bringing new life to your space that's practical for real life!

My name is Kirsten Janzen and I am currently an Interior Design student enrolled in QC Design School. My goal is to design spaces that are beautiful yet still practical to live in. By mixing higher quality pieces with carefully chosen "finds", I can help you achieve a look you will love, within your budget!

I am a wife and mother of two young kids living in southwest Manitoba. Frequent moves in the first years of my marriage were very exciting for me because it meant a new house and thus hundreds of new ideas and possibilities for decorating it! Now that we've settled into one location to raise our kids we've bought a large "fixer-upper" that I'm working my way through as budget becomes available. So I definitely understand the need for practicality both in furnishings and budget!
I realized that home design was my passion and decided to pursue it by enrolling in the Interior Design program at QC Design School.


I am currently just working on completing my course but hope to offer my design services as soon as possible! If you are interested in working with a student I would be willing to discuss special pricing in the interest of building my portfolio.