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Sigrun Hakonardottir

professional organizer

Sigrun Hakonardottir

+1 (354) 848-4336

I can help you experience the peace of mind by having an organized home, business, and life

My name is Sigrun Hakonardottir and I am a QC Design School certified Advanced International Organizing Professional, as well as a graduate from University of Reykjavík with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

For as long as I can remember, I have had the skill of organizing. When I was two years old, I organized all the shoes from the guests that arrived to gatherings at my home. Even then I wanted things to seem clutter free. As I got older, I started organizing the whole home.

Now I can help you get your home organized that will make you feel great.

I have developed a system that will get rid of extra “things”, lying around the home. Together, we'll find a better home.

I can also help you with the difficult decision of what to keep and what to let go in order to get achieve a clean, and organized space.

After I have organized a space(s) in your home, you will feel that you have taken back control over the space(s). You will no longer feel like there are tasks you still have to do because everything will feel like fallen into place.

I can teach you organizing techniques and set up a personalized maintenance plan to suit you and your lifestyle.


I specialize in organizing any area of your home and/or business such as: bedrooms, closets bathrooms, offices, kitchens

Please contact me to set up an initial consultation. We will then meet for an hour to gather information in order to work on your personalized organizing plan.