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Lynne Lortie

professional organizer

Lynne Lortie

Clarence Creek, ON

Efficiency in life's business and more.

My name is Lynne Lortie and I have just finished my degree to become a
fully licensed Professional Organizer at QC Career School. The strong
business skills I have acquired not only reflect my devoted passion to
in home office work but also the importance of a well-organized
business. I craft the important steps to take your business to the
next level. Then making the organization of your in home business not
just easier but more efficient. I have different methods to make in
home offices more efficient for those who have ADD and ADHD. With
Experience in these fields I enjoy helping and working with others to
find new ways to make their in home work more efficient for them while
paying attention to important needed of many different individuals. I
have high hopes for work with hoping for future ventures in corporate

For ever, my goals were and always will be to help others. Through my years I have attained various diplomas and certificates. To name a few, I have a diploma in Child and Youth Worker, in Accounting and, very soon, as an Advance International Organizing Professional. I also studied psychology at Laurentien University. My first career choice, which I did for many years, was to work with children with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADHD and ADD. When my husband's work department was terminated, and himself being dyslexic, I made a second career choice by becoming a bookkeeper and an administrator for our business. Through the years of the business I have gained strong business skills as well as organizing skills by setting up and restructuring our office to streamline for efficient work flow, prioritization and effective communication. And now I am embarking on a new adventure! I am committed to ongoing education and certification in the field of professional organizing.


Office Organizing Service:

I help clients simplify, pare down, and more importantly, find an organizational system that works perfectly with their personality and lifestyle. From organizing your computer files to consolidating expenses, I'll customize an office solutions that works for you and your business. Also I'll help maximize your office space, declutter work areas and establish workflow solutions. I also specialize working with clients who

Desktop Setup & Computer Organizing
• Computer file and folder organization
• Categorization of Internet favorites and bookmarks
• Computer training and back-up set-up
• Email managing skills

Workspace Organizing & Workflow Solutions
• Implement strategies to better control your use of time
• Office management and file organization solutions
• Storage and file system organization
• Space planning and design principles I suggest office layouts for maximum
comfort and productivity