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Patricia Torchetti

green designer , home stager , professional organizer

Patricia Torchetti

Brampton, ON

Reorganize, Reduce, and Reinvent any space!
Organized Kreations creates harmonized living space for re-sale or re-living.

Welcome! Whether this is your first step towards a harmonized lifestyle or your goal is to sell your home effortlessly; Organized Kreations has adaptable solutions for any space.

Many of us find our homes unliveable because of the memories we collect over the years. Our goal is to help you organize all of your life's wonderful memories & possessions, creating time for you to do what really matters.

To reorganize, reduce & reinvent a space should not cost you more but rather save you money and time. We work with all clients 1-on-1 to find creative solution that fits any budget. Call today, (416)407-3200 or patricia@organizedkreatio.com

It brings me great pleasure to connect with you.

Through my own experiences of cleaning homes over the last 5 years and reinventing my own living spaces over the last 20 years, I have tailored my unique ability to envison a space and make it a fun, livable, large area – within a cost effective budget!

Today, my goals are to take my years of experience and mesh them with the high level of training I have received through the QC Design School of Ontario.
Some of my specialities are:
-listening to my clients goals and client interaction.
-the Art of De-cluttering, understanding the cause of disorganization and helping people find their own way of effectively reorganizing their memories and possessions.
-Staging a Room, viewing a room, getting a feel for the space and opening up that area to make the room larger to the eye and well balanced to the mind.

Part of what makes our interaction a unique and memorable experience is that I work with all my clients very closely to find the perfect creative solution to suit their lifestyle and budget.

Using tools such as 3D floor plan modeling software, which can be printed for all of my clients or viewed on a computer.I help the client see what options they have and make this reorganization process a fun and interactive experience.

All clients who are reorganizing or reinventing their space are given the tools and the know-how to stay organized for the rest of their lives.

Through my continuing education within the interior design field and green building design field, I am excited to add multi-layer services for all of my clients.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a consultation or have questions about how to get started. I can be reached at (416) 407-3200 or patricia@organizedkreations.com
Wishing you well as you search for a new beginning on the path to organization.


What makes Organized Kreations unique?
-Clients receive floor plans and unique toolsets of their own to keep after working with Organize Kreations.
-I have been assisting our clients by developing their skills towards a clutter free life since 2008.
-I have adaptable solutions for any space, including environmental solutions for the future.
-I can harmonize any space for resale or reliving.

Services included when reorganization or reinventing a space:
-I can coordinate your memories into easy to find, organized Kreations that make keeping and/or reinventing your memories a fun experience.
-I specialize in shaping a room or house for your own use.
-I can straighten out confusion and harmonize your lifestyle with your possessions.
-My focus is to share the necessary tools and the know-how which will ensure that you will be able to maintain organized and harmonized living for years to come.

Services included when staging a room or a home:
-Specializing in harmonized atmospheres which can help you sell your home effortlessly.
-Any space is guaranteed to appear larger after Organized Kreations has worked their magic.

Our motto is to create an atmosphere of relaxation allowing our client’s to make time for what really matters.

Consultation time: Flexible (generally about 1 hour in length)
Consultation fee: $50.00
Hourly rate thereafter: $60.00/ hour

Supplies are determined based on each individual clients budget. We work with you to find the best solution for any space.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a consultation or have questions about how to get started. I can be reached at (416) 407-3200 or patricia@organizedkreations.com


I was so thrilled to have met Patricia through my neighbour in January 2009. She was fabulous right from the start, paying attention to all the details that I wanted done in my house. Within a few weeks I gave her the key to my house as I trusted her. Within a few months we also became friends. Her personal and friendly disposition drew me into her life. She is a trusting, warm and caring person and always makes you feel comfortable around her. Patricia is the kind of person that you can tell her something that you want done and she will wholeheartedly make sure it is done perfectly. I would and have recommended Patricia to others without any hesitation.

Liz Mack, RX Right Dental

Patricia has been a vital part in helping me to reorganize some of my living space by offering great ideas about positioning of furnishing, storage space for our children's toys and how to keep my home office organized as a work space for both me and my children. Her generous spirit and loyal, positive attitute was an inspiration to complete the project. Whenever I have a question about furnishings or how best to use the space in my home, she's the first one to contact. Patricia's humility, strong work ethics and obvious love for people in general, really makes working with her a wonderful experience.

June Benjamin

Patricia is very organized, punctual and offers competitive rates. She did excellent work after my move. Her honesty and generousity has been a pleasure to be around over the last six years working on various projects. I happily recommended her services to anyone. Both because of her personality and her professional attitute.

Pamela McKeating