Matthew Davis

home stager, interior redesigner

Matthew Davis
Grove City, OH

Taking your place to the next level.

Legacy Design and Staging provides you with the knowledge and skills to take your property to the next level and beyond whether you’re trying to sell or just wanting a fresh look or more functional space. We can provide you with any combination of service you need, if it’s just consulting to help with direction or if you need a full staging or redesign. We want to help you maximize and achieve your goals for your property.

Matt Davis – Owner
I have spent over 20 years in the design, architecture, construction and real estate development industry. I have a degree in architecture and have spent many years not only designing both interiors and exteriors of Properties but have also building those designs. I have always loved working with people and helping them transform their homes or buildings into what they dreamed of, I now not only continue to do that but also help transform their places so that they can sell it in order to move on to their dream place.


• Consultation:
o This is a 30 – 90 minute walk trough of your home or building both inside and out, this will provide you with a verbal or written recommendation of changes and what would be involved in a minor or a full staging plan. This will also include helping to determine a budget for the project, better helping to determine what the scope should be.

• Minor staging:
o Minor staging involves a detailed walk through of each room in the home or building and walking the exterior of the property. We will break down the scope into what we will be doing including relocation of existing furniture and listing the owner’s scope which may include things such as painting or De-cluttering. We will work with you to make the changes needed to sell your property for maximum price and quickest time. This process can take 4hrs to 2 days depending on the size of the house or building.

• Full staging:
o Full staging involves a detailed walk through of ea. room and exterior of the property as well, but instead of splitting the work with the owner, we will come in and make all agreed upon changes per the recommendations and coordinate any furniture rental as well as storage for any existing items for de-cluttering purposes.

• Redesign:
o With our Redesign service we will do a walk-through of your property both inside and out and help you reimagine your place with new colors, landscaping, layouts and even changing the functionality of spaces to better work with your life style or work style.