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Sandra Williams

interior redesigner

Sandra Williams

Brooks, AB

SKW Design is a fresh look at redesign with you in mind.

Hi, Welcome
I completed my certification in 2013, while I may be new in this field I also have a passion for the creativity it takes to make your home a place to be proud of. So armed with a wealth of knowledge and superior customer service, I welcome you to experience the process of putting a fresh new look in your home using your own valued pieces.

I’ve been in business for 23 years, ranging from the world of import and export to Insurance and have completed many education course credits on various topics, but one of the most valuable pieces of knowledge I’ve been able to obtain is the interior redesign process. The elements of the redesign process allow me to work comfortably with your home and with your already accumulated treasures to redefine how you want your home to look and feel. Another valuable piece of knowledge I feel is important is good customer care and service skills which is far to rear these days. You have my hart and sole with you while we work together to make you happy with your choice to invest in my professional services.
I’ve been settled in the County of Newell area with my husband for the last 10 years and I also have family living in the area so I am familiar with all the local towns that are here. By providing professional design advice and service in this area gives the folks around here the ability to have a professional design at a small town price.


The services I provide are Interior Redesign, working with your already owned pieces and incorporating them together with fresh new ideas and looks. I will also provide a consulting service for those do it yourself kinds of people, if you just want some ideas on making some changes to your room design or need some consulting on how to chose color or home decor accessories I’m here to help with that too.