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Oreada Bell

Oreada Bell

Little River, SC

I was Born in Durham N.C. At the age of 2 me, my mom, dad, sister, and brother moved to Timberlake, N.C. Very small country side town. At an very early age of 11 or 12 i kinda got into liking makeup, mainly the "smokey eye" . .Finally in January 2007 i graduated from Person High School(a Semester late, the schools fault) Now it's 2011 and I'm 23 years old, my parents are just divorced, so me ,my mother,sister,and her baby girl get a place together. Sick of not doing something with my life i found QC Makeup Academy online. So in November i signed up. Now My mother has always said "my skin don't look like it used to" she had dark discolorations on both sides of cheeks(taking up the majority of her cheeks) So i went on Ebay( yeah i know what your thinking) and got a palette of concealer, and a palette of Lipstick, We Bought Some Foundation from Revlon~not from Ebay, and a few other things and i just tried to do What was instructed to do in the DVDs and when she looked in the mirror she said "oh wow"...oh wow" She was Actually Smiling ear to ear :)

From the 1st time i did my moms makeup she wanted me to practice on her more and more, and my sister knew how to do makeup better than me but she was willing to let me practice on her. unfortunately it was very short lived for my dear Mother, when she passed away unexpectedly in January. I did her Makeup 1 last time for her, i don't know how i brought myself to do it, but i knew the people at the funeral home wouldn't have done it right, and my mother loved the way i did her makeup...so i did it. well enough about that! As I learn and grow, I will update my profile to list the new and exciting things I have learned. Starting out, I really just need A Lot more practice! I have not had hand on experiences other than my family, and Friends. I'm Gradually adding new people i am a bit shy, and do worry that i may not get a certain look right.(still learning how to apply lashes)


If you would like me to do your makeup for a special night out, ladies' night out, or for Birthdays , please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email!
All I ask is that if you love my work, Just a Small Fee of $25 and refer me to a friend. :)
Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Rita~ Trainee