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Holly Cowart

professional organizer

Holly Cowart

College Station, TX

Creating Systems & Processes that work for YOU!

My name is Holly Cheshire and I am a professional organizer that focuses on you and your family. My personal approach is really teaching you the things that I know so that you can stay organized for the long run and when you happen to get in a rut again you have the skills to get yourself out.

I am a firm believer that organizing is a learned skilled that everyone can learn. Yes, there are those people out there that just have that natural ability... Good for them! But I was not one of those people. I am a small town girl from a small close family. I went to Texas Tech University and graduated with a BBA in marketing & management. I was not always so organized, but as I went through high school & college my need for organization increased. I taught myself bit by bit and through my personal experience got better and better and things just began to click. Finally after graduation and landing a great job and then being laid off from that great job in corporate America I had to find something new that I was great at and had control over. So, I began a professional education in organizing. My goal is to teach you a new skill with lots of tips and tricks along the way and finding a system and process that works for you and your family. That way if you get off track and things get messy you know how to get yourself back on track and won't find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


Here's a list of services I provide
FREE consultations
home organizing including kitchens, family rooms, and garages
kids and teen organization
college prep organization
classroom organizing and decorating for teachers
work place and office organization
move-out/in organization

I work on a per hour basis depending on the type, size, and estimated duration of projects. Ranging from $25-50/per hour. I also offer package prices that can give you a great value for your money. Please contact me for details.