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Billie Roest

professional organizer

Billie Roest

Vernon, BC

Everything in disarray? Can't find anything? Stressed out and tired of looking for things? Let me help you "GET ORGANIZED!"

My name is Billie Roest and I am a Professional Organizer and Interior Decorator. I received my training for a Professional Organizer through QC Design School and my Interior Decorator Certificate through Rhodec International. I believe that by being organized you WILL be less stressed, have more energy and time to do the things you love to do, AND you will maintain balance in your life!

In today's world, people's lives are busy, I know that. I am currently a stay at home mom to two children, ages 8 and 4, so as you can imagine, life is busy in our home. But, because I like to be organized and have as little stress in our lives, I make sure that we maintain a balanced and structured home. Schedules are posted to ensure that we all know each other's times for appointments/activities, my kids apparatus is stored in labelled bins, either written or a photo (for my 4 year old), snacks are labelled in the pantry and placed within easy access for the children to get to when needed. These are just a few of the concepts that allow my family to be efficient in our everyday activities.
As a Professional Organizer, I will never disclose any personal information in regards to my clients, as I am bound by the Code of Ethics. All particulars are held in complete confidence. I am not judgmental, as I am here to help my clients accomplish a goal to be organized, which in turn will, provide structure and solitude in their lives.


I believe that any area can be organized, whether it be an office, a closet, a bedroom or a garage. The only difference is the approach to "how" the room is organized.
I understand that sometimes it is very difficult to "let go" of very personal items. It is my job, to not only help you organize, but to assist you in circumstances just as these. Together, we will be able to work out a solution that is best for you, your family and your home.
I currently work from my home in Vernon, British Columbia and the surrounding area. My services include a free consultation, in which I will meet you at your home or office and do a walk through of the area you wish to have organized. I may take pictures, if needed, to assess the area more upon returning to my home. During this time in your home/office, I will ask you a few questions in regards to the project at hand. Such as, "What would you like to see in this area?", "What is your budget, can we purchase storage items?" These are just to mention a few. From here, I will contact you to set up an appointment to start the organizing process!