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Janet Wilson

home stager

Janet Wilson

Edmonton, AB

adding time to your day

Janet Wilson began TimeSquared as a Personal Concierge & Errand Service, offering busy Edmonton professionals a way to find more hours in their days for the things that are truly important to them. Along with errand running, personal shopping, gift buying, and personal chef services, she offers assistance with de-cluttering, packing, and home staging to help make the most of her clients' homes when it is time to make a move.

Ask yourself:
What would I rather be doing?

Now, go do it!

Call TimeSquared to take on the things on your to-do list that are keeping you from what you'd rather be doing - whether it's spending time with family & friends, working out, golfing, travelling, or just relaxing.

And if a move is in your plans, TimeSquared can help to stage your home, making the most of its best features, de-cluttering where needed, and truly making it shine for potential buyers. Let your buyers visualize themselves making your house their precious new home! We can help with that!


- Home Staging
- De-cluttering
- Arranging Movers, Cleaners, and Service People
- Errand running (charity donations, consignment drop-offs, deliveries)
- Personal Shopping and Gift Buying
- Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping
- Unpacking and Organizing