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Madeleine Bjorlin

interior decorator

Luxurious, Eco-friendly when possible and homely. Those are the key elements in my design. My style is Modernistic and Classical and each pr

I am an Undergraduate Student at Aston University in the UK, studying for a degree in International Business and Management. Thinking this degree will give me a good and solid foundation when I start my career. My goal is to one day work within a Interior Design company where I would be focused on residential design.

My interior design and decorating styles are mainly a mix of Modernistic and Classical. But in an ever changing world of fashion it is important not to get to narrow minded, so my approach to interior design and decorating will evolve and other styles may be added. I believe in the usage of eco-friendly material when possi

I am right now in my first year out of four years of study at University. I hope to get as much work experience as possible during these four years. Any placements available anywhere in the world during summers or during my placement year in my thrid year, paid or unpaid, is gladely accepted.