Testimonials for Maureen Beasley

Maureen really took the time to consider my envision for my baby's room. All of her beautiful detail and hard work in the curtains, cushions and mobile really made the room unique. The style will not only work as a baby room but will function as my baby grows. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing job, she exceeded all my expectations!

Tanya Ekomiak

I have recently bought my first house and have been in the process of repainting and decorating. I always ask Maureen for advice before starting a new room as I feel she understands the functions and outlay of a room best. Whether it comes to the organizational layout or color, I can always look forward to Maureen's input.

Andrew Williams

When I saw pictures of Maureen's work she did on her grand daughter's room, my response was: "Very nice! You could be a designer!" Not knowing she was actually studying interior decorating and design.

Wilma Flinkhert

Maureen has a great passion in décor and design. She enjoys decorating in her home to reflect whichever season/holiday is next to come. She finds relaxation and pride in her work.

Kalie Fallu