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Ji-Hyun Choi

home stager

Striving for maximum effects with minimum cost through sufficient communication and mutual understanding.

JH Home-Staging is a total solution provider who is related to Home Staging related tasks and projects. Her well prepared hardware,software and humanware are important tools for valuable clients. Based upon these competent capabilities,house remodeling, upgrading and rearranging requested by clients are major sectors for creating meaningful values for clients. The availability of total solution and convenience of one stop shopping are beyond comparison.

Ji-Hyun’s long term interests, concerns, endeavors, attention and studying for music & design related activities are priceless foundations to establish and create JH Home-Staging.
Living experiences in Asia and Europe had extended various kinds of living senses and ideas in case of Home Staging linked projects. Furthermore sufficient serviceability, affordability and flexibility can be contributed to make full satisfaction for clients. JH‘s emphasizing the concept of total solution and one stop shopping are absolutely differentiated strong points and can be exclusively created by JH Home-Staging.


Do you want to sell the house? If you would like to sell better prices or faster selling, please contact JH Home-Staging. JH can redesign your precious house by sufficient counseling and coordination. To relize JH Home-Staging's promises for clients, JH Home-Staging always emphasizes her mottos and credos as per below:

1.Attractive and Competitive Prices
2.Smartness and Sincerity for customer’s request
3.Professionalism for every tasks ordered by customers
4.Doing perfect and on time delivery
5.Prompt responsiveness

Those are just minimum expressions of our strengths.Well organized internal communication as well as external networking are always upgrading core competencies and incomparable serviceability.
Please give us chances to demonstrate our commitments for customers. JH Home-Staging will make satisfaction for customers.Customer first policy also create mutual happiness for the purpose of establishing long term partnership.
Finally,the location of our office space is at the center of Nanaimo, the eastern area of Vancouver Island, B.C.