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Joedilia Leal

professional organizer

Joedilia Leal

Tampa, FL

Clean. Orderly. Organized.

Hello! I’m Jo Leal — a certified professional organizer based in Tampa, and I’ve been helping friends and family “organize” for 10 years plus!

I love order, harmony + beauty, but I believe that the way that you feel about yourself and your home is what truly matters.

If you’re ready to de¬clutter with a purpose and add more ease to your life, you’ve find the right site — and you’ve found the right gal.

Regarding to my background, I took a Basic Interior Design Course in 2012 at Sojourner Douglass College, Baltimore-MD, worked as an intern for a Home Organizing company and also in a non-profit institute where I organized and curated an office exhibit of over 300 objects from around the world; planned and executed every aspect of exhibit including: creating catalogue, planning use of space, and communicating with over 70 employees to gain input about placement of objects.

Also I got my Bachelor of Advertising Degree in 2010, and I worked as an Event Promoter and Accounting Assistant, developing and implementing strategic marketing plan for business by create special promotions, and coordinate all media buying; and organizing and promoting different kinds of events, like conventions and promotional marketing.


Home Organizing
• Make decisions about what to keep, what to sell, give away or recycle
• Unpack, organize and place your belongings in your new home
• Develop a workable plan for overcoming severe chronic disorganization and clutter
• Remove declutter and create a design a customized plan to keep the mess from creeping back

Office Organizing
• Set up and organize your filing and storage systems
• Manage your time more efficiently to complete your daily responsibilities
• Create personalized office space for any type of office environment
• Design or refresh your paper management by personalizing them to fit your needs
• Help you run and maintain an office management

Business Services
• Create a business systems to help you be more efficient and productive with things like:
o Setting up new client files
o Contact management
o Billing
o Tracking time and invoicing
o Systemizing procedures
o Delegating
o A tickler system for future action
o Records retention
o Organization of documents (prepare for your tax return with ease instead of angst!)


Her work is outstanding, and I encourage you to utilize her if you have the opportunity. She has organized overflowing possessions, reduced clutter, streamlined the space by moving furniture and improving workflow, and promoted efficiency. She is extremely detail-oriented, and has a keen eye for how to improve efficiency and manage space. Her work focuses on streamlining the use of space by keeping items where they will be used, but in an attractive and organized manner. She is very creative, trustworthy and easygoing.

Nicole Goldstein

Her ideas for simplifying the arrangment of the furniture, removing unnessary items, and improving storage were invaluable. In addition, because I was incapacitated with an injured knee and could not do any of the moving of furniture or sorting/carrying items, she did all of the physical work herself. The result is increased efficiency of my office space and a more productive work environment.

Kathryn Johnson

She is a lifesaver. She helped me organize my daughters' room, reconfiguring the room and using what I already had to maximum effect. She helped me organize clothes and moved furniture around for a better flow and what feels like a different room. She also helped clean out a guest room filled with junk and turned it into a great office, using items from around the house that I never would have thought of using.

Aliza Sperling

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