Testimonials for Donna Simchison

July 10, 2015 To Whom It May Concern; We have had the pleasure of working alongside and under the direction of Donna, several times over the past few years. Most recently was with the sale of our two and a half storey home of 27 years. Followed by the setup of our new 1100 square foot modular home. Her superb organizational skills and efficient use of time, facilitated the downsizing, decluttering and eventual staging of our home, for a successful sale. Donna then proceeded to arrange the cupboards and closets in our new home. These very cupboards and closets are a testament to Donna’s passion for what she accomplishes, so naturally. Tasks that most of us would find tedious and a waste of our valuable time, she embraces. We have and will continue to recommend the services of Donna. Respectfully, Lillian & George James

Lillian and George James

May 2015 Hi Donna: Can't thank you enough for helping me organize my closet! Having all 4 seasons of clothing in multiple sizes and not having the ability to see the need to toss some of the old favorites, you were instrumental in allowing me to see and recognize the "need to pitch". My closet is organized, neat and tidy, easy to keep that way and I am no longer ashamed for anyone to see inside the the forbidden abyss! Many thanks for your expertise and outstanding suggestions. Fondly, Cathi Brock

Cathi Brock

June 2014 Last year my two children moved back home from university and our basement became the common dumping ground for books, furniture, clothes etc. It didn't take long before a small mess became a disaster. I needed help! After one meeting with Donna, she understood my frustrations. She discussed what options I had and was positively wonderful in sharing my vision. Task in hand, in her intrepid way, I was presented with an organized, labelled room. Donna was a pleasure to work with. She was mindful of my wants and needs and worked very efficiently. I was very pleased with the outcome and would recommend her to anyone in need of help organizing. Nancy Hind

Nancy Hind

Hello Recently my husband and I relocated back to Canada after nearly a decade of living, studying and working overseas. With a baby on the way and 9 years of possessions in tow, we arrived at our new house in Toronto, completely overwhelmed. I have absolutely no idea how we would have handled all the sorting, organizing and preparing for baby without Donna’s help. We contacted Donna of d-clutter and were impressed from the moment we met. During our initial consultation Donna was friendly, patient and asked purposeful questions in order to really understand us and our needs. Her level of professionalism and confidence immediately put us at ease, as we realized right away that we were in very capable hands. Donna created a personalized plan that worked perfectly with our schedule and timeframe. We were on a time crunch with my husband starting a new job and with the upcoming arrival of baby. Donna was flexible and accommodating, yet consistent and firm, which was exactly what we needed to get the job done. In fact, her approach not only helped us get organized, but has enabled us to maintain the systems she helped us put in place! That’s not an easy feat with us. Donna helped us to purge and ‘d-clutter’ some of the excess items we had collected and were holding onto over time. She suggested very practical ways to create spaces that were both organized and functional. She had a plethora of ideas for different systems of organization to keep our items in place and our house running smoothly –many of them simple, but highly effective! When we thought that a suggestion wouldn’t work for us she offered clever and creative alternatives. That’s why we believe this is sustainable –because Donna took the time to really know and understand us. After our four weeks of working together we had developed a strong connection with her and even wished that we had more to organize so that we could keep up with her sessions! We will be forever grateful for the ways in which Donna helped us, not just organize our house, but create our new home. We had absolutely no idea how we would take on this huge task in the short amount of time that we had, but with Donna’s professionalism, knowledge and expertise leading the way (I suspect she might also have a magic wand up her sleeve…) we met all of our organizational goals and the work that we accomplished well exceeded our expectations. We can’t recommend Donna’s d-clutter services highly enough! Thank you, Donna! Sincerely, The Ryder Family

The Ryder Family