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Deborah D'Anna Meyers

professional organizer

Deborah D'Anna Meyers

Stamford, CT

Offering solutions that organize your life

Keeping things organized, be it your home, office, personal files or schedule, could be a difficult task in a world where so much is going on at any given moment of any given day. We spread ourselves thin in an attempt to get it all done, sometimes falling short of our goals and usually ending up exhausted. I can show you solutions that can help you stay organized and on track to meet all your goals while reducing the stress.

I worked in the financial services industry as a registered sales associate, responsible for overseeing all aspects of client support. Having spent 14 years preparing financial reports, balancing investment statements, and assisting clients in understanding their financial documents, setting up client and operational office file systems for financial advisors, and training individual sales assistants, extremely meticulous organizational skills were essential to my success.

I have studied holistic nutrition, the natural approach to diet that strengthens the body, mind, spirit, and emotions to maintain good health. I believe an essential component of sustaining this state of health is living in uncluttered and organized surroundings.

I have lived in several states in the U.S., and doing so, I have become adept with the logistics of moving, settling into and organizing a new home and life in a new area.

I enjoy helping people organize their office, home and daily tasks to help them reduce stress and maximize health.


* Room and closet organization
* Office and file system setup
* Assistance with moving into a new home, unpacking and setting up
local services
* Personal record keeping
* Weekly meal planning

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