Ashley Newton

interior decorator

Ashley Newton
Tampa, FL

Hello! My name is Ashley Newton. I am currently completing a course in Interior Design from QC Career School. I hope to eventually become an independent Interior Decorator, designing unique, fresh and practical residential interiors for my future clients.

I began studying Interior Design in 2012. However, I had a keen interest in design for many years prior. I am always keeping up-to-date on the latest design trends, but I prefer looking to unexpected places for fun, fresh ideas. I am always on the lookout for new design inspiration. I find it comes from the simplest places, such as one's lifestyle and passions, from the world around us and from history. I have used this approach to help decorate rustic, country interiors in rural Alaska, to an eclectic home in Washington D.C., and, most recently, my own new global-inspired home in Tampa, Florida.


Unfortunately, I am not yet far enough in my education to legally practice Interior Design in the state of Florida. I plan to expand my education so I may eventually practice design.