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Karin Peterson

professional organizer

Karin Peterson

Bryans Road, MD

Clean Spaces = Happy Faces

My name is Karin Peterson. I am a certified Professional Organizer. As a young girl, my Mother said, "Clean up your room!" I got in the habit of organizing my clothes, toys and school materials at an early age. After finishing my assigned tasks I felt serene and very proud of my accomplishments. Even today I always say, "Everything has its place." This thought process and the calming feeling that goes along with it is what I want to bring to you. Clean, fresh, de-cluttered living spaces with systems in place to keep your mind and body healthy. In our fast-paced, busy lives we could all do with less stress. Not having to frantically search for your keys, shoes or Buttercup's leash early in the morning, will go a long way to starting your day on a positive note. As my tagline states, "A clean space equals a happy face."

How did I get here? I graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Finding that I enjoyed planning parties for my ZTA sisters more than the thought of graduate school, I decided to become an event planner. By January 2001, I earned the credential as a Certified Wedding Specialist, through Weddings Beautiful, A Division of The National Bridal Service. From October 2001 - March 2005 I worked as the Wedding Concierge at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pentagon City. Planning weddings is exciting and it really is a joy to be able to ease the pressures that come along with one of the happiest days in a couple's life.

Deciding I wanted to expand my technical skills and play on my time / project management and organizational abilities, I switched gears to begin work as an Executive Assistant with a prestigious accounting firm. This is where my passion for organizing offices began. My boss needed all the help he could get organizing his mountain of files. Aside from filing and wedding planning, my excellent attention to details and the ability to multi-task / prioritize projects is a win-win for all. I am creative, take initiative, maintain confidentiality, and remain calm and collected when under pressure. My two previous careers have prepared me as a professional organizer. So contact me and we can dive right in.


I specialize in residential organizing and have a passion for home offices. Specifically, I can help you with these tasks:

De-cluttering your home, home office, automobile and yard
Residential organizing and space planning
Children's rooms
Paper management and office organizational systems
Home Offices
Time Management and productivity

Please contact me directly via cell or email to discuss your needs. I welcome the challenge and appreciate your valuable time.