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Design Diva

Lynnette Harris

color consultant, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Lynnette Harris

Newmarket, ON

Affordable Interior Re-Decorating

My name is Lynnette Harris, and my company is Design Diva. My business strategy is to work with clients to redecorate/redesign their spaces, using existing or new pieces. We can start from scratch, or use what you have, and work within your budget.

I have been doing interior decorating/designing for the last 10 years, for my own personal space, as well as family members and friends. My educational background is in Human Resources, although this was not my career path. I have worked for the past 10+ years as a buyer at Hydro One, and prior to that worked in Health Care. Decorating/Design has always been my passion, and in 2019 I obtained my certification in this field.


My services include paint colour options, sourcing materials, i.e. furnishings, décor, construction materials, flooring, tiles, window treatments, fixtures, etc. I will shop with you, or pick out 2-3 options of what I think would work best, and give you the choice. I work off a flat hourly rate, plus expenses, and a small percentage of the material sourced. The budget is up to you.