Patricia Williams

interior decorator

Patricia Williams
Lewisville, TX

I am a creative person with an eye for design! My passion lies in the area of hospitality design, and encompasses a wide range of projects ranging from small independent spaces to large space.

I independently work with individuals and families to help them create uniquely personalized homes.

I have a demonstrated ability to select and specify colors, finishes, fabrics, furniture, flooring and wallpapers, lighting, and other materials to conceptualize and produce aesthetic, functional, safe and elegant interiors for buildings.

Specifically, I am highly skilled in:
• Consulting with clients to determine requirements, preferences, safety requirements and use of space.
• Developing comprehensive plans and 3-D models via computer programs (CAD and graphics software) to arrange walls, dividers, displays, lighting, furniture and other fixtures.
• Estimating costs and materials required


-In Home Consultation
-Retail Shopping Services
-Print Color Selection: Interior and Exterior
-Space Planning
-Furniture Refinishing
-Artwork and Custom Framing
-Real Estate Staging