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Sindiswa M. Nqobo-Mensahn

professional organizer

Sindiswa M. Nqobo-Mensahn

Newark, NJ

Clutter ~Queen at your rescue!

I am a licensed preschool through 3rd grade teacher. I enjoy creating a conducive atmosphere for my classroom by organizing the space to accomodate my student's learning styles.I am also passionate about organizing a home, and creating more space in everyroom. I follow three steps for the services I render for my clients. I have free consultations which allows me to take before and after pictures with the clients permission. Step two involves cleaning, sorting, purging & arranging. Step three involves constructing equipment (shelves, bins, and cabinets) recommended to the client.


I offer free 30 minutes consultation where I assess the client's needs and offer suggestions. The services include packing room by room for moving and arranging the new place.Setting up home and business offices and many other areas such as:Linen closets,Laundry room,Garage etc.


My kitchen was a BIG stresser, viewing magazine and watching make over shows and just didn't even know where to start. There were appliances and utencils in my kitchen I did not use for years.My pantry had things that did not belong there,I had to always squeez in to enter inside my pantry. My spices and baking needs and tools were all over. ALl of them were just not easy reach.It was very had for me to eat any meal on my dining table because I had cereal dispenser,toaster and other things that belong to the kitchen. Now I am so comfortable been in my kitchen.My pantry is specious,my baking ingredients are in one place and now I can only move two steps away from my oven. I can invite friends over for Dinner and don't feel embarrassed. Thanks to you Sindi for all the hard work and again I will surely recommend you to the White House . Love you BEV, Irvington New Jersey


I really have to give thumbs up to Sindi, she has a passion for organizing. I have a very big room and double door closet. Everytime I have to get dressed I have to literally dig through my clothes. My top shelve had my linen ,sweaters and hats.The bottom of my closet had magazines ,shoes and book bags.I tried to clean up but I really did not know how to do it. I came across "Sindi's Touch- the clutter queen "and I said:"My problem is solved". Everything now is at the right place she even created a linen closet for me, now I can look for my outfits as easy as 1,2,3,my shoes,my magazines are at the right place. Thanks to Sindi for this fabulous job. I'C, Newark, New Jersey


Thank you so much, Sindi's Touch ~ Cutter Queen! Words cannot express how much you have saved me time and money. As much as I needed a service like yours, I procrastinated for a long time due to cost. To my surprise, I got more than expected. Your services superseded your prices. You are professional, efficient, and you go above and beyond to assure that your clients are happy. I will definitely refer you to everyone I know! Sincerely, Simeko Watkins-Hartely Owner of Meko, New York Natural Hair Care Spa & Boutique Orange, NJ