Lisa Coletti

home stager

Lisa Coletti
St Catharines, ON


I have been in the retail business for over ten years. Most of those years have been related to the home décor market. I have a keen eye for design and will use this when approaching my clients concerns for their own home. With my retail experience I am accustomed to listening to my clients needs and sourcing out solutions for them.

My personal approach to design is not to over think when you decorate. Keep the plan simple in the beginning and gradually build on your main goal of your design project. De-cluttering is the first step to take. When this is done you will have a better idea on what you want to accomplish. I am an avid follower of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Through out my career I have had the opportunity to re-design and stage businesses and clients homes. This is what opened my eyes to the world of creativity and design. My main job was to merchandise home décor inventory in a way that was pleasing and creative for our customers. Displays were changed regularly to showcase new merchandise and to give the customer ideas on how it could be used in their own home.

I have had mixed media art lessons which gave me a better understanding of colour theory. I enjoy gardening and creating outdoor spaces also. I have received my certificate from a home staging and re-design course.

I have tackled many issues in my home by either de-cluttering or re-designing problem areas. I’ve just recently assisted in making over a kitchen which included choosing ceramic tiles and the paint colour and hardware for the new cupboard doors. I have also helped clients with choosing paint colours and accessorizing their homes.


For home staging projects I will first come into your home and do an evaluation on what steps can be taken to help bring in a fair offer from a potential buyer for your house.
We will begin the process of de-cluttering and depersonalizing areas in your home so buyers can imagine themselves and their furniture in those spaces.

I will then have a checklist of repairs that should be addressed. Potentially larger structural issues might have to be looked into and the trades may have to be called in.
Smaller upgrades may include a fresh coat of paint to changing a door knob. All of these items will be discussed in detail. Furniture placement, accessorizing, paint choices and lighting will be the main part of my involvement with you. I will measure and draw out a scaled plan of your room. In this plan I will have your furniture placed to its best potential in your space. I will also choose accessories in your home that will compliment your space and not distract a potential buyer. I will also address lighting in your rooms making sure that there is enough natural or electrical light sources to make the house more inviting. With your furniture in mind, I will choose a neutral colour palette for your space.

In a re-design job I will follow a lot of the steps for staging except this will be more personalized because it is for you and the owner. It could be one room right up to a whole house. I will ask you certain questions on your likes and dislikes as in the look you want to achieve, colour choices, and furniture that you want to incorporate into the design. I will also ask you for a budget that you would like me to stay in. You can choose to do the work yourself or you can bring in the trades to complete the job. I can follow through with the trades and inspect the progress of the work being done.