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Tara McMahon

professional organizer

Tara McMahon

Arlington Heights, IL

Let me help Get U Squared Away!

Is your busy schedule not giving you the time to organize your home? When you look around you, do you see clutter? Do you come home from a long day at work to a messy home? Get U Squared Away can help! Your daily life can be stressful already, and coming home to a mess can just add to that level of stress. Get U Squared Away can help lower your stress level and give you more time to relax in a clean and organized environment.

I know how a busy schedule can come in the way of having a clean and organized home. As a single mother, full-time employee, and full-time student there was little time for me. Or so I felt, anyway. One day I decided that I was going to organize my entire home and get rid of items that I had been holding on to “for a rainy day”, most of these items I hadn’t touched in over a year. Once I was finished with my house, it was like a miracle, there was more time in the day it seemed. I had time for me again. From that point I wanted to help others find more time for them too, and began my studies as an AIOP (Advanced International Organizing Professional) from QC Design School. In addition to my certification, I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Community Counseling. Being there to help others is my mission and goal in life. What better way to help others than to help them organize their home and find more time to spend with the kids/grandkids, doing crafts/hobbies, relaxing, or whatever other activity they enjoy.


Home Organization

Kitchen, Bathroom, Closet, Garage, Basement, Laundry Room, Bedroom, Living/Family Room

Small Business Organization

File Rooms, Offices, Desks, Storage Closets, Staff Lounge