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Cathy Chaffin-Steele

professional organizer

Cathy Chaffin-Steele

Chicora, PA

Steele The Clutter

I am a Professional Organizer and I have a nursing degree. I have always had a passion for organizing. Although the nursing industry helped me fulfill my passion for helping people, I knew I wanted to do more. As a professional cleaner I acquired organizational skills.

I am excited to meet new and different people while helping them achieve their goals toward more efficient use of their time and to help them organize their home or workspace. As a professional organizer I introduce organizing solutions to help my clients alleviate chaos and to help them achieve and maintain their goals. I will schedule an appointment with you to provide a detailed consultation. together, we will develop a customized plan to improve your work flow and time management for your home or office.


The consultation includes:

* A full tour of your home or office and an initial visual assessment,
* What you want to achieve, and
* A comprehensive plan of the ultimate goal.

With patience and understanding, I will share my knowledge with you about getting the task of the job done well. We will discuss where to dispose of items that are no longer needed or wanted, approximately how long it will take to do the job,and the cost of the project.

After the consultation is complete, a date will be set to begin. I will respect your privacy and maintain my professional level of experience at all times.



Between work and hobbies my time is limited and I have a small shed that needed cleaned out and organized. I got in touch with Cathy, and she was very prompt in setting up an appointment with me. During the consultation she explained step by step the actions she would take to get the job done.I enjoyed working with Cathy, she was very professional and friendly. Cathy always came to the job at the time she said she would be there, and she finished the job in the time frame that we discussed during the consultation. I was very pleased with the overall outcome of the job that she did and I would recommend Cathy to anyone who would need a professional organizer.

Brian Ellenberger