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Judy Darling

home stager, interior redesigner

Judy Darling

Ottawa, ON

'Wow the buyers...beat the competition'

As a Professional Home Staging Consultant, I work with real estate agents and individual home owners to provide room-by-room home staging consultations to help you—the home owner—get the most value from the sale of your home.

As a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), I am dedicated to providing professional in-home staging consultations to assist you in preparing your home to appeal to the widest demographic for the greatest possible value.

In order to provide you with inexpensive and viable consultative advice and solutions to reaching the ‘Wow’, my professional areas of expertise encompass the following:

 International Staging & Re-Design Professional (ISRP)
 Algonquin College Residential Décor Program (Home Staging, Elements of Decor, Window Decor, Global Styles)
 Algonquin College - Floral Design Certification
 Member – Real Estate Staging Association (RESA)


Home staging uses the principles and elements of design to showcase architectural features and highlight the maximum use of space—home staging merchandises your home to sell a dream!

Benefits of Staging Your Home:
1. Statistics indicate that staged homes sell 50% quicker, in fewer visits, and for top dollar, than unstaged homes (Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) statistics are 87%);
2. Within 15 seconds, potential buyers will decide if your home is a contender;
3. To appeal to the broadest demographic of potential buyers (25-35 age group);
4. To beat the competition!

Today’s buyers will first consider whether your home is a contender from internet listings, and if it is, they will schedule an on-site viewing. As a result, a home staging consultation is important to prepare your home from two points of view:
□ Web Site photo
□ On-site viewing

Consultations consist of the following:
□ Interior Evaluation (room by room)
□ Exterior Evaluation (curb—outdoor living space—garage)

□ Interim fixes (to prepare for photos)
□ Solutions (for on-site viewing)

Types of Reports
□ Verbal (on-site)
□ Hand-written on-site. room-by-room listing, with recommendations
□ Interim On-site ‘initial’ to do list, followed by written detailed report, by room, with recommendations

Additional Services
□ Minor placement / arrangement (accessories, night tables)
□ Demonstration (staging bookcases, fixed or open shelving, ‘hotel-like’ master bedrooms)