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Ashleigh De La Torre

makeup artist

Ashleigh De La Torre

Suisun, CA

Paint my world with beauty

My passion is makeup. I bring out womens inner beauty out. I think of beauty as not to cover yourself up but to enhance your natural beauty. Beauty comes in many ways, so their is no true definition of beauty, its just everyones different opinions of it. What brings me true joy in this career is the moment your done with applying the makeup on someone and the speechless reaction they get because they are so amazed on how beautiful they look with just enhancing their natural beauty. Getting that smile, more confident then before the makeup application and possibly a little teary eyed, thats when I know I did my job perfect and thats what makes me know why I love this career. Making you look gorgeous is what I do best!

I am currently enrolled in QC Makeup Academy. I don't have much training but I learn quickly and I intend on furthering my education. before I started the QC Makeup Academy I learned how to apply makeup by watching makeup tutorials on youtube. And watching these beauty women do these amazing makeup looks, I was so amazed and from then on I started practicing on myself and loved it and I started to get so many compliments on my makeup application, that I started doing it on my friends and family, and everyone loved it. Makeup is my passion and i've always wanted to find a career where I can say "I love what I do and its not a job." And know, I know i've found it. I learn every day, and I seek to become the best I can be. I am working on building up my professional portfolio, i'm looking for paid or trade shoots for bridal, music videos, pageants, fashion, print, runway, T.V., and film.


I offer makeup services only... For now. Email me for more info.