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Kristina Babich

professional organizer

Kristina Babich

Harrisburg, PA

Organize, Coordinate, Design

Kristina here! All my life I have found myself lining things up, color coordinating, labeling, alphabetizing, arranging and rearranging. People always ask "Are you nesting?" "Are you Obsessive Compulsive?" No- I have always felt if a space can be organized to reach and exceed maximum efficiency it should be done.

I have my Associates Degree in Fine Art from the Harrisburg Area Community College while layering my interests with floor planning, room layout and interior design; I continue to grown and learn.


Bringing order to everything from office filing systems and kitchen clutter, to bedrooms and basements. I will help clients gain more control over time and space, reducing stress, and increase productivity by providing information and ideas, structure, and comprehensive organizational systems.


Thanks to O.C.D. for helping to turn my nightmare storage area into a functional space. I could never have done it with out you