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Deborah Brown

professional organizer

Deborah Brown

St Augustine, FL

Organizing for the 99 Percent!

Want to set yourself free from clutter? Clear out your closet and your mind? Sometimes we need help lightening the loads we carry. A fresh set of eyes to weed out the non-essentials can help. Gardens need pruning—so do homes!

Situations change…older relatives need help downsizing and moving, often under duress. Sons and daughters move back in temporarily…life happens…our space needs continue to evolve, and it can get complicated.

Imagine if everything you need was right at your fingertips the moment you needed it. No more time wasted ransacking your home looking for something you know you have but can't find. Imagine saving money by not repurchasing things you already own but can’t locate. No need to be frustrated and stressed knowing your home is out of control!

Your home should be your oasis…your haven…your sanctuary from the chaos of the outside world. It should be the place where you can regroup, recharge and renew.

St Johns Organizers will help restore order and calm in your life and the lives of people you love. Once your home is organized and systematized, it’s easy to maintain.

We offer low-cost solutions for every room and every situation—sorting, organizing, repurposing and removing household items to maximize your space, your time, and your peace of mind.

With a life-long passion for keeping things under control, Debbie Brown worked in hospitality management and custom decorating while raising two boys. She spent years as a small business proprietor, contracting extensive renovations (both interior and exterior) of custom homes, handling design, budgeting and overseeing sub-contractors. In addition, Debbie worked as a client concierge for a financial services firm, and recently joined the ranks of Advanced International Organizing Professionals (AIOP). She is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), with an eye for detail and an affinity for organization.

Debbie’s a compassionate perfectionist…efficiency personified! She’ll help you assess the situation and lead you to solutions you can live with. Whether it’s a disorganized home, downsizing to a new home, or repurposing an existing space, St Johns Organizers will help you get it under control…and keep it manageable.


Consulting / Organizing / Designing / Purging
Closets / Kitchens / Family rooms / Kids’ rooms / Laundry rooms / Offices / Garages
Sort / Repurpose / Remove household items
Furniture layouts / Floor plans / Room redesign / Home staging
Move Management
Senior Relocation—loved one downsizing to a smaller home, condominium or retirement community
Paperwork management
Time management
Personal Record management
Arrange for consignment, storage, donations or shipping of household items
Affiliated with General Contractors and Storage facilities for larger scale projects