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Stevie Majenta Graymore

event planner , wedding planner

Stevie Majenta Graymore

North Brisbane

From Dreams to Reality

Being new to industry, I have ideas that, yes, could have be done a million times over, but with my fresh-new-to-the-industry eyes that can see each event as a blank canvas, rather than just another routine party, I can give people the event they truly envisioned.

As a new company, starting at the bottom of the business barrel is of course expected, but with my vision of providing what will be one of the top Wedding and Even Planning businesses, I believe ill soon be up on my feet and climbing the ladder of success. To start with it will only be myself in the company, but a partner will be joining me in my practice in the foreseeable future.


The wedding of your dreams, the sweetest 16th, an enjoyable yet informative staff meeting or New Years to remember; these amongst holiday, milestone and themed parties, religious rites, corporate events and exhibitions, are only some of the services I plan to offer.