Angela Gervais

event planner , wedding planner

Angela Gervais
Greater City of Sudbury, ON


My name is Angela Gervais and I am a new and upcoming Wedding/Event Planner in the Greater City of Sudbury. After several years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life I realized I love planning events so I took the next obiouse approach and here I am. I love to plan different and unique events that leave people talking about it for a long time.

I will work extremly hard for you and I am looking to establish my name is Sudbury with excelent friendly service.

I am 30 Years old, am happily married to a wonderful man who works for the railroad. I have 2 Children ages 7 & 12. I was born and raised in the Sudbury area but moved away for 4 years and now I am back to stay.

I am very well educated in alot of different areas such as Animal Science, Pet Grooming, and 2 certifications in Wedding and event planning.


I provide assistance with any type of event from the smallest birthday party or 5 people to the largest wedding of 500 people.

Trade Shows
Weddings............and much more