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Chelsea Hardie
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Congratualations on your fourthcoming marriage!
Have you always dreampt of the "perfect wedding?" Since the age of six have you imagined what it would be like, and still hold on to those thoughts? Confetti Corner provides customised, unique and fun wedding planning services around Gloucestershire and the South West that guarentees that these dreams will come true. We are here to inspire you and to help deliver the wedding of a lifetime, a wedding that will never be forgotten, a wedding with fantastic food, and suberb service, a wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Planner in the South West

The last thing that you want on your wedding day are wedding favors chucked onto tables, centre pieces strewn about and receptions looking untidy and un cared for. Whether you are interested in a "complete wedding and reception" service or a "take home information" service Confetti Corner will be perfect for what ever your needs. We are experts, fashion consultants, etiquette advisor, team leader problem solvers and a source of information. We are incredibly organised, flexible and all have a sense of humour as this job is a fun and incredible journey that will get the clients from fiancées, to husband and wife. Confetti Corner will bring great ideas, effective management, budgeting and inspiration to your special day.

Chelsea Hardie

Leading the wedding planning service is I Chelsea Hardie. Having recently worked in local reception and venues, I have a strong relationship with the management and owners. My experiences, knowledge and human sensitivities bring an intimate and fun personal approach to planning every event as a highly special occasion and to the best of ability. From our first consultation, you will realise my enthusiasm, creativity and passion towards the day of your dreams. I would give each and every one of my clients 100% of my attention, serving them with honesty, integrity and devotion in every area.


Not all couples need a wedding planner to co ordinate their entire wedding for them. For some couples just our support on the day of the ceremony would be adequate. However for others, they are more than happy to leave all of the details in the hands of us. Confetti Corner has created a range of packages that offer different levels of service to cater all of our clients needs.

For a fee, at the consultation we would sit down with the engaged couple to discuss the major elements of the wedding. We offer a range of equipment from personalised folders, that contains useful tools such as budget sheets, lists of local vendors etc.

Planning and Preparation
After the consultation we follow through by finding our clients the vendors and services for their wedding requirements. Here we also handle the details f coordinating the ceremony, the reception and other wedding related events.

Day of Services
Day of services applies to any parties, activities or ceremonies our clients want us to oversee the day they’re held. We provide directions, problem solving, and to lend a hand where ever needed.

Complete wedding Planning services
These are the usual services couples are familiar with. Confetti Corner plan and coordinate the details of events prior to the wedding. This includes the planning of the ceremony, reception and any other pre wedding events such as showers or dinners. We then offer day of services during all wedding related events. Finally we help with any post wedding tasks, such as thank you notes and honey moon plans.

The packages we have designed are:

Take home package A pre made information package; our clients use to learn the basics of wedding planning. These include budget sheets, planner book, wedding etiquette book, and other helpful tools. We also personalise the package and hold in-person discussions as well.

Rehearsal and ceremony package Confetti Corners plans the rehearsal dinner, provide one-site assistance during the rehearsal and then provide day of services for the wedding ceremony.

Ceremony and reception package We plan the wedding day and reception and provide day of services to oversee the event staff and vendor performance and to provide additional help wherever is needed.

Wedding and reception package We plan the wedding and reception but do not provide any day of services. The main difference here is that we do not appear in person on the day of the wedding.

If you don’t see a package suitable for your requirements, please let us know and we'll design a bespoke package. Contact your Confetti Corner wedding co-ordinator for a consultation and quote.