Kiyoko Nelson

event planner, wedding planner

Kiyoko Nelson
Seattle, WA

Your vision, dream, & Our professional support will make your dream wedding come true

Specialized in multi- cultural weddings

KOKO Bridal customizes our service to meet your idea, style & budget by providing you a complimentary initial consultation.

Let us to be your eyes, ears and heart to manage and make your simply beautiful wedding come true.

Customization and Personalization is our specialty.

Kiyoko “KOKO” Nelson, owner of “KOKO Bridal” is a certified International Events & Wedding consultant. With a degree in an international business and both knowledge and experience as a program manager in aerospace industry, she has successfully planned, coordinated, managed budgets, and executed various types of programs and events beginning to end.

KOKO is the most diverse and well-rounded wedding planner you can find in Washington State.

Her life experience in Japan, Europe and in U.S., in conjunction with her sensitivity to international cultural differences, and attention to detail, make her the perfect choise for your multi-cultural wedding.

Her goal as a wedding planner is to match your vision and ideas, with her ability and professional support to make your dream come true.

"Through detailed consultations, we will be sure to met your expectations on your wedding day to ensure your wedding go smoothly and happily."

KOKO is currently a member of the association of Bridal Consultants and International Special Events Society.


Wedding day Coordination & Customized “Your Dream Wedding” Package

Wedding day Coordination (only for ceremony or reception party or both)
KOKO Bridal will serve as your eyes and ears to ensure your wedding to go smoothly and happily.
*1st complimentary counseling needs to be conducted no later than 1 month prior.

Customized “Your Dream Wedding” Package
* Contact KOKO BRIDAL via e-mail to set the date & time for the complimentary consultation
* Share Your vision, style, date, budget to make your dream wedding come true
* Research & Refer the vendors that fits you
a.Develop a detailed time line for your wedding ceremony, party and vendors
* Customized our service to meet your idea, style and budget

Additional service: Specialized in multi-cultural weddings
Including Travel, Accommodation & Language interpreting service

*If you have your family member traveling from far or abroad and additional travel (included transportation to/from) and accommodation service is desired, we will take care of it.


"We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding everything we dreamed it would be. Thank you for making everyone so peaceful and happy. It wouldn't have been anywhere as fabulous without your professional support and smile. Thank you so much!"@Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd

We hired KOKO as a Day-of-Event Wedding Coordinator, but she did much more then that. She answered every single question I asked leading up to the wedding. I felt like she was my personal wedding counsellor. Thank you so much! KOKO is highly recommended." Mrs. Kristina C.