Kirsty Grice

makeup artist

Kirsty Grice
North lincolnshire

Hi I'm Kirsty I'm 22 and I'm currently studying with the QC Makeup Acadmey. I am doing a Master Makeup Artistry course and thoroughly enjoying it. I have always had a passion for doing makeup. I love the variety it has whether it's emphasising someone's natural beauty, or completely changing their appearance. I would love to one day work in the T.V and Film industry, but for now I am building up my confidence and portfolio and doing freelance.

After finishing secondary school I went straight into a hairdressing apprenticeship and completed levels 2 and 3NVQ hairdressing. After working in a salon for six years I decided to go it alone and started doing mobile hairdressing around my town of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. I love my job but I have always wanted to do makeup and QC was the perfect course for me. I feel very satisfied in my job when I see somones face light up when the look in the mirror and see the job I have done on them its very gratifying to give clients such a confidence boost and make them feel beautiful.


I am available to do hair and makeup for any occasion. Please feel free to contact me for more info. I am happy to travel.