George Hawley

event planner, wedding planner

George Hawley
Welcome, MD

Dear Perspective Client,
Look no further because my experience coupled with my attention to detail will ensue that no aspect is overlooked.
I have planned events for over 10 years for a non-profit organization. I have planned fundraisers for non-profit organizations.
I offer specializing celebratory events as well as corporate meetings. I handle all types\sized events from Social to Galas. I am a planner with skilled in customer satisfaction providing exceptional quality and professional service. I will work with your budget, listen to your ideas, and then work with you to design an event that will meet all your needs and expectations.

Meeting Coordinator

As Team Leader, coordinated production, distribution of all handouts and flyers. Prepared and administrated budgets. Arranged all on-site logistics, including transportation, accommodations, meals guess speakers, and audiovisual support.

∙ Organized 16,000-participant national annual conference health screening.
∙ Developed and maintained 10,000 person database.
∙ As Team Leader coordinated 10 annual national conference health screening.

I am humbled but proud to say that with this health screening over the course of ten years was able to assist in the saving of 100-150 lives and performed 15,000 screening tests.


Health screening and Health education.

Logistical arrangement.

Customer service.



This course has been very challenging and rewarding. It has giving me the tools I needed to excel and prepare myself for future challenges as an Event and Wedding Planner. A very important web-site I wish to pass on the other student is:

George Hawley-IEWP Graduate