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Odette Frig

wedding planner

Odette Frig

Markham, ON

Every Girl's Dream

Hi my name is Odette and I am a wedding planner. I have loved wedding sinec I was a flower girl at age six. I took that roly very serecly. I still have my dress, and flower ball for keep sakes. I have been planning my own wedding since as long as I can remember. When I am not planning my wedding, I love to go for long walks. I love singing and dancing. Even though I dont have a good singing voice I can dance. I am a thired dereeg black beilt in Tea Kwon Do. When we meet I will have question about what your dream and ideal wedding lookes like.

I went from pre school all the way up to high school. I got good grades. I never skipted and took school sereesly. Then I went to college, and relized it wasent for me. So I lefted and Googled wedding schools and found QC and apiled.


The way my services work is I have a binder with my clients names on it. In the binder will be all the catorgarys for the wedding that we need to cover. When we meet the fist time I will ask you question so we can get started right away. Questions like, big or small wedding, out door or in door or both. Things like that. So we cover the basixes then we go in to detale.