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Natalia Vilaca

wedding planner

On behalf of Tie The Knot Wedding Planners, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!
With the excitement of your wedding day approaching, why

Natalia Vilaca is one of the partners of Tie the Knot wedding planners.

This graduate of George Mason University holds a degree in Marketing and knows how to structure and present even the most magnificent events! Her 2007 wedding in Braga, Portugal hosted 350 guests and required a significant investment of time and coordination from her home in Northern Virginia; five time zones away (more stories to come here too)! The passion developed during the planning of her own wedding led to the development of Tie the Knot wedding planners and her journey to a successful certification from International Wedding Planning Professionals (IWPP).

Although Natalia’s coordinating experience also includes bridal showers, graduations, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties and baby showers. Natalia will help construct the event of your dreams and coordinate it from start to finish. She successfully hones in on her clients’ desires by paying attention to even the smallest details. Her high energy, enthusiasm, creativity and experience are an asset to any event! Natalia is versatile and open-minded, allowing her to accommodate your wedding, no matter what culture and traditions you would like to honor on your special day.
Another important detail about Natalia, apart from her impeccable planning, is the comfort that she can provide through time management, superior organizational skills and stress management. Expect precision and completeness. Let Natalia put her passion and experience to work for you!

Meet the other partner of the wedding planning duo: Alexandra Pires

Alexandra completed her MBA from the University of Maryland, University College and received her Bachelor's from the College of Charleston in Corporate Communications. Alexandra has planned and executed weddings from 100 people to 300 people. While commonly described, as a detail-oriented perfectionist is an easygoing, compassionate and kind individual. She brings enthusiasm and creativity, attention to detail and structure to each wedding that she coordinates. Alexandra tied the knot on September 4, 2011, and understands the investment of time and effort involved first-hand (more stories to share here). Alexandra gladly is up to planning any events (you name it!) but provides expertise in weddings.

Alexandra’s wedding planning took root in her husband’s fine dining restaurant and catering services, Carmello’s, which is located in Manassas. Alexandra managed and assisted her husband with many wedding caterings. Alexandra found that she loved working these events and making customers happy on such special occasions. Therefore, she found her calling! The benefit is that Alexandra has not just planned events but has rolled up her sleeves and catered weddings. She sees details and has expectations that many wedding planners do not. When you work with Alexandra, you can expect professionalism, creativity, organization and strong communication skills. Alexandra will partner with you to determine the optimal action plan for your wedding and strategically accomplish the plan one step at a time.


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