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Delores Jessup

event planner

Delores Jessup

Brooklyn, NY

Helping you plan your next special celebration.

I'd like to introduce myself and my company, Jess4U Occasions. My name is Delores Jessup and as the name suggests, my company provides event planning services for all types of social events tailored to your individual needs. We’ll plan your event from start to finish; invitations, theme, color scheme, party favors, whatever it takes to make sure your special event is one that you and your guests will remember for a life time. I take pride in making your special celebration a truly memorable event.

For over 20 years, I have been planning events for both family and friends. I come by my love of party planning naturally; I guess you can say “I was born to party plan.” When I was younger my mother would always have a party. It didn’t matter what the occasion, big or small. We would have a party for getting out of school as well as a party for going back to school. I loved helping her bring a room to life with decorations and party favors. I knew I had to take my love and passion for event planning and turn it into a career so that’s when I decided to enroll in QC School of Event and Wedding Planning to further develop my talent for planning parties and celebrations. Is life grand……getting paid to do something that you actually love doing!


Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a anniversary party, a baby shower, a wedding or holiday party, Jess4U Occasions will make sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of your celebration. We will make sure that everything from your venue, food and drinks, decorations and entertainment meets with your approval. We will always provide you with top notch professional quality service.