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Maria Platero

makeup artist

Maria Platero

Palmdale, CA


For now I am a student learning to be a professional makeup artist.I am addicted to makeup I always have so I would like to use that passion towards a new career. I haven't fully decided what exact industry I would like to work yet, but Makeup is it for sure.Having fun and doing what I love and also making my potential clients very happy too!

I went to school for business at Westwood college and University of Phoenix. I currently work as a store manager for a local fast food company. I have been managing now for 6 years and I like my job and good at it but its not what I have passion for, definitely time for some change. Since I always been into and loved makeup I figure I am going to do so something I love.


I will be mainly doing make up. This includes
Weddings, Proms, Quncieiras, Makeover parties, or even fun looks something maybe you would like to try but are afraid to try it on yourself. I would be more than to help you with that too.