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Sheritta Fowler

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Sheritta Fowler

Chicago, IL

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Good day, my name is Sheritta. Im a loving mother of two and reside in Chicago. I have worked in the lucrative business of hair and makeup for many years and love every bit of it. Though it is my first love, I have more recently discovered that I love all things wedding related. To see a gorgeous bride and her family celebrate this fragile yet omnipotent thing called love has become my ultimate goal. I want to be there for the bride and her family from the moment she says yes during the proposal to the minute she gets back from her well deserved honey moon. I love working with numbers and keeping everything organized. With my straight forward agility I will make sure my clients are getting the best bang for their buck. With my leadership skills and superlative professionalism I can also address overwhelming , confusing situations and create harmony. My over all goal is to demonstrate what it means to truely experience exceptional service by catering to my clients and allowing them the chance to not have to worry about a thing. I hope in the near future you can become one of my many pleased clients...................

I was born in February on the thirteenth day in the year of 1986. I am a liscenced cosmetologist and by the end of June I will be a certified wedding planner. Not to mention I will get to attend a wedding almost every saturday from then on lol..As a wedding planner, I like to think of it as getting hired to be the bride's best friend.I have executed an opulent amount of photoshoots, managed makeup appliscations for multiple models at a time for fashion shows, I also make custom hair units that I refer to as hair extention systems and I am certified in Nuts and Bolts, which is a personal and business prgram. I love the idea of coming into some ones life not only to exceed their expectations but to be inspiration and hopefully a life long friend. As of now I am a freelance makeup artist and in the process of writing a self help book. My son has special needs and is the root to my motivation and propensity. My daughter is my mirror and backbone. This is how I got to be who I am today.


To inquire information and services please give me a call @ 630 826 9638