De'Shae Taylor

makeup artist

De'Shae Taylor
N Las Vegas, NV

Every woman wants to feel shade! Full coverage in every aspect in life from financial coverage all the way down to their foundation on their

Hello there!! Welcome to the wild world of De`Shae. I am a unique, fun, energetic, loving, outgoing, optimistiic young lady that has a passion for make up! I was born on the 30th day of November 1987 in Las Vegas, Nevada! I have always been the "can do" woman, from hair dressing to clothes designer. I am EVERY woman!


I offer eye lash extensions with flare individuals. What this gives is an extra POP for your eyes that makes guys notice you more. This is also semi permanent lashes that you cannot take off every night like you can strip lashes. I also offer strip lash application as well. This is for the women who just want to accent her eyes for the night then go back to her normal self.