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Brianna Sandoval

wedding planner

Brianna Sandoval

Whittier, CA

Creating a blissful wedding day for the start of your blissful married life....

Weddings are one of the most important and intimate events in a couple's life. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and overwhelming in today's busy world. My only desire as a wedding planner is to give engaged couples the opportunity to enjoy the memorable experience of planning their wedding. My personal approach to design is to connect with couples on a personal level, and to help them create the look and feel of their wedding through intimate details that tell the story of their love and relationship.

I have a great passion for bringing happiness to someone's life. I love to use my talents to help someone in need of professional assistance. All the work I do is because I love people and the moments that matter most to them. One of my main priorities as a wedding planner is to keep my couples out of debt. Without proper money management debt is an easy trap to fall into. An extensive list of vendors and venues along with cultivated relationships with specialists such as, photographers, hair and makeup professionals, and artists and musicians allows me to offer each couple an extremely divine wedding at almost any budget. With five years of experience in time and money management I feel passionate about helping couples accomplish their dream wedding without the stress of over spending. I also offer experience in dress design and love creating new personalized looks and styles for decor. I love everything about the wedding planning process and absolutely love to share that joy with others!


At Brianna's Blissful Brides couples have many great options to help them create their divine wedding day. It is my belief that every wedding is unique and requires it's own personally created package. Having said that, keep in mind that all of my packages are adjustable to suit the specific needs of any couple.

Every couple will receive one free initial consultation. During the consultation we will discuss your ideas for your dream wedding and how I can help you accomplish your dream. In addition, some weddings will require an assistant depending on the size/type of wedding.

My "Day Of" package includes unlimited hours on your wedding day!
-One in person meeting at vendor location(s)
-Early arrival for set-up, greetings, and last minute coordinating with all vendors
-Provide snacks for wedding party
-Collaborating with all vendors throughout the day and evening, including musicians for ceremony and reception
-Catering to all the special needs of guests and wedding party
-Organizing photo sessions and ensuring all requested shots are taken
-Assisting D.J. or M.C. with the time line of the day
-Handling all unexpected events
-Ensuring that all tips/gratuities and last payments are distributed
-Provide a wedding day emergency kit
-Pack all gifts away in designated car
-Ensure take-down is done correctly and efficiently

My "Two Months Out" package includes all duties in the "Day Of" package along with the following duties:
-Unlimited phone calls and e-mails
-Three in person meetings, one of which will be held at the vendor location(s).
-Overview of all vendor contracts and commitments
-Follow ups with all vendors by phone and e-mails
-Create a time line for rehearsal and wedding day
-Rehearsal coordination (3 hours)
-Assist in creating checklists for photographer shots and D.J./M.C. song selection
-tie up all loose ends and run last minute errands (errands must be scheduled on a weekly basis)

My "Simply Splendid" package includes all duties in the previous two packages along with the following duties:
-Three more in person meetings at your desired location
-Advice on wedding etiquette
-Design and style ideas based on your specific desires
-Assistance with selection of invitations, programs, menu cards, place cards and favors
-Budget Analysis
-checklists for bride, groom, and wedding party
-Assist in vendor selection and contract signing
-Assist in rehearsal location selection

My "Absolute Bliss" package includes all duties in the previous packages along with the following duties:
-Three more in person meetings (nine total)
-Provide complete budget analysis throughout the wedding planning process
-Assistance with attire selections for wedding party
-Assistance with vendor selection, appointments, tracking payment due dates, commitments and contracts
-Planning all events throughout including engagement party, stag and doe party, bridal shower and so on.
-Provide research and shopping for all items, decor, and props for the wedding day
-Assistance with save-the-dates, thank you cards and maps
-Tracking of all guests r.s.v.p.'s and gifts given by guests
-Provide travel arrangements, accommodations, and gift baskets for out of town guests.
-Plan bridal lunch or brunch the day after wedding
-Assistance and information on wedding dress preservation or sale.
-Assistance with honeymoon arrangements and budget analysis for the trip
-Handling anything else that may be needed along the way to ensure your day is absolutely blissful!