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Kenneth Roul

event planner , wedding planner

Kenneth Roul

Dartmouth, NS

I do my Best to be Above the Rest

I have worked in the field of event planning for most of the past 15 years doing social events, concerts, benefits, fundraisers and festivals. I enjoy putting projects together and the excitement of seeing all that hard work make guests smile and have a good time at these events.
Most of my career choices over the years have been involved with helping and serving the general public. I have dealt with all kinds of problems and worked quickly to resolve them to everyone's satisfaction. I enjoy working with clients and guests to assure their happiness and making sure they are comfortable with all the choices we are making.

Born and raised in Newfoundland I am the oldest of 11 children. I learned early in life the responsibility of doing a job right and accepting responsibility for what you do, whether it is right or wrong. I have carried that outlook with me always and look forward to helping clients plan successful events in the future.
From dishwasher to cook to front desk clerk to duty manager to restaurant manager and other jobs I have learned the finer details of helping my clients see what they want and making it happen.
I have experience working with small budgets and have even done projects with no monies to begin. Thru hard work and determination I have produced a number of successful events and have donated raised funds to a variety of non profit and private concerns.
I have always had a desire to learn and have challenged myself to do so daily. With certificates in cooking, bricklaying, landscaping, photography, hospitality and tourism hotel and restaurant management, real estate and more I am entering this profession with the determination to be the best. The knowledge and experience I have learned from my past endeavors will help me with being successful in this interesting field.


As an event and wedding planner I am encouraged by the fact that more and more people are looking for professional advice when planning their special day. I want to be able to help them plan their wedding and be able to refer my services to their family and friends for years after their eventful day.
Besides planning weddings I want to be able to plan events of all kinds such as special anniversaries, birthdays, other religious occasions, social events, benefits, fundraisers and concerts. I will never be limited to what kinds of events I can plan or produce and look to the future with a positive outlook and desired success in this exciting field.
I will be available to all interested parties to meet with them and help them plan and execute their wedding or event. The level of my involvement will depend on the client and that will further determine my fee structure. I can be with you step by step and have full control of all details or I can just be there to assist you and your family in making sure everything is in place so that your event or wedding goes as planned and it all runs as smoothly as you wish.
I am here to offer my services, to relieve the stress of the complexities of planning and executing your wedding or other events so that you can fully enjoy your special day. The care and attention to details delivered by a professional with training and experience will assure my clients that nothing is left to chance. Setting a complete list of goals and objectives in the beginning, devising a plan and following it will allow you to fully relax and enjoy your day.
A free no hassle consultation is available and if we move past that then we can sign a binding contract for my services and define my role as per your requests. Please feel free to contact me and we can begin the process of planning your event or wedding today.
Contact me at 902.434.4370 or 902.293.3053. You can also email me for more information or with any questions.