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Carly Scheutzow

wedding planner

Carly Scheutzow

Chicago, IL

Planning for the day of your dreams? With my help we can make it happen! Wonderful weddings start here!

My name is Carly. Fashion and Interior design has always had an impact in my life with my approach to wedding planning. I'm very passionate about design and when I approach ideas for a wedding I keep in mind the elements and principles of design. The influences of the site, budget, material, client/and or concept, continuously affect each particular wedding in a unique, individual way. I believe it is important to know your field and know what has been done before but there are always an endless amount of ideas to embrace.

I have always been into art, history and design. After high school I went to college for Interior design. Not being a very good career field at the time I decided I wanted to pursue Wedding Planning and am so glad that I did. I also plan to take the event planning course since I enjoy it so much. As of January 2011 I have my first client and I am very excited to start my portfolio and my journey as a wedding planner.


There are different packages for my services:

1. Consultation only: I can meet with you to teach you the skills of planning your special day.

2. Planning process: I can help you plan all the details of your big day up until the wedding.

3. Day of wedding: I can be there to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly, to supervise and be present for anything that you need.

4. Full Wedding day planning: To ensure that everything exceeds your expectations I will use my expertise to help you get started, go through the whole planning process and be there the day of your wedding.