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Janine Antram

event planner , wedding planner

Janine Antram

07 823 9406

bringing dreams to life

Introducing Janine Antram, event and Wedding co-ordinator and planner.

Janine is a very accurate and trustful person to organize your very special wedding or event in the beautiful town of Cambridge, New Zealand.

Her dynamism, unique creative ideas, exceptional problem solving capacity and solid partnerships in the area with high quality suppliers will ensure, that on the BIG DAY everything will run smooth, and you can enjoy your very special event without any worry.

Janine is passionate about people and places and is the mum of two beautiful teenage girls, Samantha and Sarah.

Cambridge is a beautiful destination for weddings an

Janine has spent the past 17 years in the Health and Fitness industry specilising in products and services to benefit the needs of women, their bodies and their families. Realising what makes women smile is what Janine is passionate about and understanding there are so many area's to a women's life is what propelled Janine into the Wedding Planning and Event Co-ordinating industry. Creating memories is what life is about whether it be for your child's 5th birthday or your mothers 60th it is these days that mark our life of memorable occasions. A better body does not make for a wonderful life, glorious memories and events do.


Janine offers one on one consultation to establish your vision then a step by step process will be outlined to you. Janine uses her signature 'Six Steps' to convey to you the essence of what every event, small or large, should consist of.

Janine speciality is any event that you want your guests to remember and talk about for a long time after.