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Debbie Lingard

event planner, wedding planner

Debbie Lingard

Los Angeles, CA

Above and Beyond Events takes your event to the next level by anticipating, exceeding and executing all of your expectations all of the time

Above and Beyond Events was founded on the belief that it is no longer enough to simply meet the needs of a client. In order to succeed, one must go above and beyond. Drawing on her thirty plus years of hospitality management experience, owner Debbie Lingard works closely with her staff, teaching and training them to anticipate, execute and exceed the expectations of each and every client, from the first hello to the last goodbye. Realizing that a client has many options to choose from when hiring an event planning company, Debbie and her team believe that a client should never have to settle when they can go Above and Beyond.

A native of Southern California and a graduate of California State University, Northridge, Debbie Lingard began her food and beverage journey at the age of 17 in a small French bakery. In the seven years that she worked there, she taught herself everything she could about the operations of the bakery. She was quickly promoted to supervisor and then manager and played an instrumental part in its expansion into a full service café. Her hotel career began at the Hyatt Regency Maui where she held two management positions and played a key role in the renovation and opening of the hotel’s family restaurant. Returning to Los Angeles, she transferred to the Hyatt Wilshire as banquet manager, eventually taking on the responsibilities of beverage manager as well. Her position as client liaison for a gourmet picnic company gave her invaluable insight into how to provide superior service, create menus and plan large events. As a member of the opening management team at the Long Beach Aquarium, she took on the dual role of sous chef and front of house manager. Over the past 15 years, she has been the catering director at three high volume restaurants and has served as the event planner and caterer for her church community. As sole proprietor of Above and Beyond Events, Debbie’s passion for her business and commitment to her clients is evidenced by her hands-on approach and the way that she works closely with each client to create a unique and memorable event.


When you hire Debbie Lingard and Above and Beyond Events, you automatically get access to other service providers whose goals and work ethics are compatible with the high level of expectation that Debbie demands. Over the past 30 years, Debbie has worked with many professionals, maintaining strong relationships with a select group of reliable and talented vendors including photographers, bakers, caterers, florists and musicians. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, Above and Beyond Events is just a phone call away.


Debbie is a bright and personable individual. She is highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goals and making things happen. Debbie welcomes leadership opportunities, is a great communicator and meets her deadlines on time. These qualities are reflected through personal dealings as well as through her team of employees. Her skills, professionalism and obvious sense of responsibility have continually surpassed our expectations making her involvement and presence a valuable asset on all of our events.

Anastasia Staley/Food and Beverage Manager Avalon Hotel

Debbie Lingard is a great director! Unlike some people who say one thing and do another, she leads by example. She is that boss who has no problem getting her hands dirty when necessary. She remains calm and collected at all times, and is always there if needed! She also continues to be very open-minded, when I suggest my display ideas. Due to her calmness, great personality and organization she creates a great environment to work in! And that is definitely something that I can appreciate!

Melissa Munroe/former employee, currently employed as a visual coordiantor