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Molly Bryant

makeup artist

Molly Bryant

Winnemucca, NV

Enhancing life's beauty one face at a time, as an artist with a passion for cosmetics.

Hello All!
Welcome, for as long as I can remember I have used many sources of art to express myself and found it an area that not only I loved but belonged too. My favorite time of the day is when I get to sit down and "put on my face" I've seemed to have conquered a look that works perfectly for me. Enhancing my favorite features and masking those I find not so appealing. Having the skills to work on any face and understanding my clients wishes and needs are very important to me. The best part is not what I see in the final result but the big bright smile from my clients when they look in the mirror.

I went to Cosmetology school in Philadelphia, PA, worked at a Salon as a MUA and was employed for a while at Sephora. For the time being I live in a small town with my husband and our first son. I have and always have had big dreams for myself, all of these dreams always seem to connect through a world of art.

Last year I enrolled in the Art Institute Online division, I seemed to manage this through pregnancy, labor, being a wife and a Pastoral Asst but found it to difficult when I broke my back. Feeling unaccomplished I longed for something to complete and fullfill in some part my love for art, I see this program as the perfect oppertunity to do so.

I hope to learn new skills and gain further experience through this program. I plan to work on updating my portfolio locally and hopefully eventually to travel as well. There is a local salon here that I will begin working at once I complete this course, I am excited to be the only Makeup Artist in town with a place of profession. One day my husband and I are hoping to move to a bigger city after gaining teh experience and a official certification for Makeup Artistry.


*Makeup Removal, Cleansing and Conditioning
*Makeup Application (From Natural to Exotic for any and all ages)
*C0rrective Makeup (Including tattoos, scars, marks, and skin discoloration)
*Glamour Photos (Makeup Application, clothing advice, free photo enhancements and multiple Photo selections)