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Paul Day
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Wedding planning, from the the very first "yes" to the morning after that special day.

Wedding planning is a growing industry as more and more people decide to pass on the stress and responsibility of organising their wedding to an expert.

I believe wedding planning is more than just a luxury service only affordable by the rich and famous.

Any part of a wedding requires the most detailed and organised approach. From the invitations right through to full coordination of the day.

Having worked informally on weddings I felt the time was right to take up this service as more than just a way to help out friends.

Therefore I am currently adding to me experience with a Diploma in wedding planning which I hope will stand me in good stead to undertake wedding planning as a career.


Venue searches
Supplier Sourcing
Budget management
Consultation service
Pre-wedding parties
Full planning service
Late notice wedding plans

- I can help with any or all aspects of your wedding even if not featured on this list.