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Petra Espaulella

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Petra Espaulella


Here For You Events will make Your Vision come to Life.

Hello and Welcome to Here For You Events!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Petra Espaulella, I’m from Slovakia and for almost 4 years I was working as a Flight Attendant, which brought me to explore the beauty of life in Sweden, Sardinia and Scotland.

However, in my last destination and after organizing my own Catalan-Slovak Wedding, I finally realized what my Real Life Purpose is – to think of every single possibility, bring every detail to perfection to make me satisfied, to create lists of lists and then achieve point by point, to make phone calls, write e-mails, negotiate everything with everybody, always be very diplomatic, organized and up-to-date. In short – to organize and manage Events.
After our Wedding we moved to Catalonia (North–East part of Spain) – for me so far unknown country. But as the time’s passed and I’ve discovered that the Catalan beauty is never-ending and as I could envision a possible Wedding, Birthday party, Corporate or any other kind of Event in nearly every place I’ve passed by, I came to my final decision!

And so, here I am – for you! With my company providing complete planning and advice services to achieve unique Events.


Here For You Events is constantly working to create a Win-Win situation for all parties and a dream Celebration that is on budget, on time, and exactly what was ordered. For me, the sky is the limit when it comes to what can be done in an event celebration however, I always verify first before promising something I cannot deliver. My goal is to fulfill Your Dreams and create the Event You envision, turn Your feelings from stressed-out to stress-free, from overwhelmed to overjoyed. I ensure being worth the investment, I set my prices to minimum to meet Your budget while still getting the services You need to make Your Special Day run smoothly.

My services include:
- A full venue search,
- A guide for choosing the best venue for You,
- Co-ordination of all the details of the Event,
- Decoration of the venue (if required),
- Recommendation of suppliers that would suit Your needs and requirements,
- Co-operation with all the chosen suppliers on Your behalf and co-ordination of payments (if required),
- A break down of the planning process highlighting everything that has been arranged and what decisions still have to be made,
- Attendance on the Day of the Event to ensure that everything runs smoothly,
- After the Event necessities,
- Administration,
- Any additional Extras (i.e.: checking the cheapest flight options and best suitable connections, accommodation search...)

If You are dreaming of a Wedding or any Private or Corporate Event in Catalonia and You wish just to enjoy the whole process and event, I can simply take tasks off Your hands, all you have to do is to contact me on 0034/676013486.


One of the best wedding ever, never had so much fun!!!!!!

Lucia Hanusova