Kelly Baldwin

event planner , wedding planner

Kelly Baldwin
Gloucester and surrounding areas

Jour Parfait. This means 'Perfect Day' in French and my goal is to make everyone's day perfect. From weddings to funerals, birthdays to chri

Hello I'm Kelly, and I'm an aspiring Wedding and Events Planner. I am so passionate about this career choice and cannot imagine myself enjoying another job more. What could be more fulfilling than making someone's day perfect? I am enthusiastic, creative and full of flair but whats more important is I have drive and determination to do the very best at anything I turn my hand to in life.

Living with the British Forces for 20 years, I have had the amazing oppurtunity to experience a variety of different cultures and ways of life, from Hong Kong to Cyprus to Germany. I believe these experiences have helped me keep my creativity and passion at their very best and there's always different and exciting places to visit and gain inspiration from.
I am very artistic which I think is a necessity in this line of work as art and creativity go hand in hand. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and any project I embark on has to be perfect, no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible, I go the extra length to perfect it. Afterall, if I'm not happy with my work, how can i expect other people to be happy with it?
I am currently organising a charity event to raise money for Help for Heroes (the Forces Charity) and Lyme Disease Action UK, which I personally suffered from for 2 years so it is a subject close to my heart.


When fully qualified, my main line of work will be private occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, funerals, christenings etc, however, I will undertake business ventures such as corporate events, should this opportunity be presented to me.

1 hour FREE consultation.

From the initial consultation to the big day itself, I will be there every step of the way to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and that the grand finale is, simply, perfect.